On Tour Occasionally ....!

An online photo album featuring
Sue, Paul and BOC ....


ďItís Been Ten Years* .........Ē
(which is somewhat less than half our lives)
.... since Sue and I first traveled to the USA to see the amazing
Blue Oyster Cult live, in concert, on their home territory.

This site will show some of the places weíve been, and some of the
people weíve met, since then .....

Iíve finally got round to scanning some of our old prints .... and added some photos from the Online Fans Gathering in Las Vegas in 2001.  Itís scary to think that itís 11 years ago .....

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Greece, December 2009

Zoetermeer and Paris, September 2009

France & Italy, September 2008

UK Tour, June 2008

Las Vegas, March 2008

UK Tour, July 2006

Newly scanned .... Las Vegas, May 2001

Any comments, please contact me on paul@yorkshrman.co.uk

(* and itís now over 13, actually ......!!)

Paul G
May 2012